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Babylon Mall

Babylon Mall is located in the heart of Baghdad’s shopping district. The area; Mansour, has a long history as a retail destination and in past years before the sanctions on Iraq, was frequently visited by tourists from all over the Middle East and the world specifically to go shopping.

The mall consists of 7 floors, including Baghdad’s largest supermarket, Baghdad’s largest roof terrace, kid’s play area, bowling alley, food court and retail space. Iraco’s aim is to introduce international retail and F&B brands to Iraq, with first locations at Babylon Mall. The mall is due to open in 2015.


Iraco Group | Iraq
Baghdad, Iraq


Why us?

Iraco Group has operational experience in Iraq, the United Kingdom, Cyprus, and the UAE. That knowledge has been transferred to Iraq in order to raise the level of standards in the market.

The company is one of a few that holds a multi trading license and the Chairman comes from a highly respectable family, with contacts throughout all regions of Iraq.

Recent News


Babylon Mall 4th Floor Slab...

Babylon Mall 4th Floor Slab Preparations Zones C D to be cast at the end...


Babylon Mall commenced blockwork and...

Babylon Mall commenced blockwork and plastering


Babylon Mall 3rd Floor slab...

Babylon Mall 3rd Floor slab completed

Babylon Mall 3rd Floor slab completed